Prime CRM

Multi-channel Customer Care Platform

  • Customer Care solutions using 4.0 technology
  • Managing all interactions, sales and consult online
Prime CRM - Phần mềm chăm sóc khách hàng

Why choose Prime CRM for your Customer Caring?

Prime CRM helps managers take better care of their customers meanwhile
ensure to meet all the needs of consumers before, during and after each purchase


No more missing conversations with your customers when using Prime system.
Communicating with customers and consulting them follow the brand’s instructions

Categorizing and Tagging

Categorizing every conversation by topics: Price, Usage, Warranty...
Tagging interactions with accordingly conversation


Tracking customer’s interactions to understand consumer tastes and behaviors.
Managers use this information to optimize their plan of communication.

Tracking Conversation History

All conversations and interactions of customers will be saved in the system for easy management and research.

Analyzing and Reporting

Tracking conversations to analyze for upcoming Marketing strategy through monthly reports.


A team is responsible for managing all the conversations professionally.

Prime CRM makes it easier for sellers to measure conversations on social media

Huge amount of messages is dealt thoroughly

  • Avoid missing messages from customers
  • Gather all of the conversations into one system for easier management
  • Promptly respond each customer
  • Tracking customer conversation history on social media
  • Manage brand’s top fan

Managing conversations and customer resources

  • Tracking interactions on each post
  • Helping agencies/entrepreneurs identify and optimize their media contents
  • Organizing and tagging all emoticons into huge amounts of conversations by the system
  • Optimize managing response protocol in order to increase interaction between brand and their fans

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