Prime Dashboard

Integrated Platform for Data Management

  • Accurately displaying business situation
  • Bringing a visual look to your data through multi-dimensional graphs
  • Strictly controlling figures from multi-channel sales
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Why choose Prime Dashboard for your business?

Figures from multi-channel sales are systemized and displayed through graphs, managers now can easily identify their business status.

Linking data from different resources

  • Syncing data from online sales channels as Facebook, Google…
  • Collecting data from offline business channels, including in-store sales, cost…
  • Summarizing data from Cloud storage platform

Data charts show up accurately and easy to see

  • Business activities are presented in an easy-to- understand way through various kinds of charts: table, line, pie, column…
  • Important business indicators are displayed accurately by time period
  • Easily comparing the changes of sales time by time: year - month - week - day

Optimizing data as seller’s requirements

  • Figures are displayed in different perspective and graphs depending on the needs of the managers
  • Managers have a better overview of the business situation
  • Based on that statistics, managers can confidently make short-term and long-term decisions

Benefits of using Prime Dashboard

Managers can flexibly share data resources with their team to co-control their business more efficiently.

Managers will be notified when there is a change in their business figures, when the change reaches certain percentages or levels set by the managers.


Managers can share the data display with their team in order to compare the differences between business status and company situation. Easily find the solutions after that.



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