Prime KOL

Influencer Connecting Platform

  • Outreaching and connecting with Influencers network
  • Building media strategy fit on each brand and stages
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Why choose Prime KOL connection platform?

We provide FREE data platform for managers to connect easily with influencers on social media to promoting brand communication campaigns

Prime KOLs network with more than over 10.000 influencers from many different fields and countries

With a fan base of 5.000 to, everyone can find suitable KOL for their Brand and connect them to promotion campaigns.

Wide and various KOLs network

Vast social community with more than


mega influencers


macro influencers


middle influencers


micro influencers


nano influencers

Giant interaction index of KOLs reported


1 billion


5 billions

per day

Suitable for the diversity of the industry

Increasing brand awareness and brand communication

Băng Di
Diễn viên/ Ca sĩ/ Người mẫu
400K follower
Beauty Blogger
982K follower
Diễm My 9X
Người Mẫu/ Diễn VIên/ MC
3.4M follower
Châu Bùi
Người Mẫu
1.7M follower
Đan Lê
Ca Sĩ/ Diễn Viên/ MC
260K follower
Kaity Nguyễn
Người Mẫu/ Diễn Viên
685K follower
Lan Ngọc
Diễn Viên
600K follower
Diệp Chi
275K follower
Hoà Minzy
Ca Sĩ
800K follower
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Experiencing premium features from Prime KOLs

Gathering all KOLs’ informations

Easily for brand to find their suitable way of communication for promotion campaigns

  • About fan

Age, Interests, trend of behavior…

  • Personal brand

 Opinions about life, style, statement…

  • Personal information

 Gender, age, marital status, major…

  • Posts on social media

 Style of writing, topic, age of interest…

Co-operation history with brands

Which helps brands can check the relevance of KOLs with their campaign

  • Updating the latest news of KOLs
  • he level of influence from KOLs to the society (positive/negative)
  • Results of past collaborations with other brands

Customizing your own condition

Getting familiar influencers closer to brands in need, contributing to the effectiveness of campaigns

  • Customize by industry
  • Customize by field of activities

Updating important indicators

Helping brands to have an overview about media campaigns and level of influence

  • Important data

Interaction, CPI (cost per interaction), campaign volume of influence

  • Collect from 4 channels

 Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok

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